What Others are Saying About See It Be It

From Parents:

“Really engaging way to get kids to think about how they would deal with certain real-life situations.”

“It engages the child in the thought process — they can see if I choose this, then the consequence will be that.”

“The diversity of characters – especially the avatar – is key.”

From Students:

“I like how you get to relate to real life situation in the game so when things like this happen, you’ll know what to do.”

“I would love to do this program again.  It was very fun, but it was also something you can learn from.”

“It’s cool how I get to make my own video and comic book where I’m the star!”

From Professionals:

“I appreciated how it walked children step by step through the problem solving process and allowed them to see the consequences of their choices.”

“I liked that he software guided the student back to a more effective or positvie choice and explained why the original choice was not the best one.”

“It is a much needed program.  There’s not a lot out there to assist children with motivation for academic success.”

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About the Software Developers
Since 2001, 3C Institute has been building effective, user-friendly programs, services, and software applications to promote health and well-being for children, adolescents, and adults. At 3C, we collaborate with like-minded partners to apply our research-based technologies to accelerate and advance their research and intervention efforts. Our custom software services are tailored to achieve broad-scale improvement in social, emotional, and behavioral health.
About the Platform
This program is built on the powerful Dynamic e-Learning Platform (DeLP). Through more than a decade of federally-funded research, 3C Institute developed DeLP to provide unparalleled personalized, engaging, and effective e-learning programs. 3C developers work with subject matter partners to select and intermix DeLP components for didactic instruction (‘Tell me’ components), illustrative examples (‘Show me’ components), and practice opportunities (‘Let me try’ components), each customized to achieve specific learning objectives for a particular audience.
DeLP can be applied for:

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